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Shyam and Ram Adhikari, aged 24 and 20, of Parbat, who made Nepali products known all over the world

Let’s  One Reading This! 24 years old Shyam Adhikari and 20 years old Ram Adhikari from Parbat started a YouTube channel named ‘Hand Arts & Craft02’ a year ago. They make different useful things in standard of living and present them through a video on YouTube. Don’t forget to watch YouTube Channel in the following photo, Click on photo;

They specifically make handy craft items using Bamboo and other organic instruments available in Village.With their hard work, they have crossed a million subscribers with most 90 M+ views on their YouTube. Their main motto is to promote Nepali products via YouTube throughout the world. Golden Play Button Celebration photo;

Inspirational Young Brothers from Nepali Village: 24 & 20 years old Shyam Adhikari and Ram Adhikari from Parbat district, This is not enough, you have to uplift more than this. Best wishes for ahead.


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