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Sagar Gautam and Asha Khadka 2023

Let’s See & Watch, Asha became the support of a single mother after her father abandoned her. Famous actor Asha Khadka earns more than 5 lakhs a month from serials like Asha Khadka, Risani Maaf, Bhunti, Kanchi, Harke Havaldar. Even though she is a daughter, she raised her mother as a son. Hope is still there, her heart is big, watch the video,

In real life Kanchi and Sagar i.e. Asha Khadka and Sagar Gautam have a very good relationship. Asha and Sagar have been in a relationship since the time they struggled in the arts.

There was a time when there was no fare to go from one place to another, there was a desire to take a bus. Many experiences were gathered during that time. There are also moments where we sit together all night and cry. Looking at it this way, Sagar and Asha’s relationship will never be separated, and they are working together

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