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One sister, Neetu Duwal, died after taking medicine without checking the doctor’s check.

One sister, Neetu Duwal, died after taking medicine without checking the doctor’s check. A relative says: “When I went to check the allergy on face, prescribed MINOCIN and ACNETRATE medicine without blood and allergy test. After taking those medicines, after a few days fever and cough started, when I took them to the hospital again, they prescribed MINOCIN / ACNETRATE to continue taking the medicine. It was found that the name of Dr. Neetu Manandhar was written in the prescription of the hospital that day. Click Down Below For Video; 

He was not even a skin doctor and he was also asked to show a physician and was shown. He only prescribed medicine for typhoid and fever. Instead of getting well after taking the medicine prescribed by those doctors, he started vomiting, nausea, fever and difficulty, and he was taken to the emergency department of Khwap Hospital at 4:00 am on 2080-4-14. While being admitted and undergoing treatment, Neetu’s condition worsened. No one paid attention to the possibility of drug reactions. Click Down Below For Video; 

Later B&B and then Patan Hospital were built but nobody felt anything. He passed away. Drug reaction with Eosinophilia and systematic symptoms (DRESS) is the cause of death. Jiu’s skin was burned and he died in extreme pain and suffering. Now Neetu’s family is demanding justice for Neetu along with the demand that the doctors involved in the negligence should be brought to justice. Serious attention of the concerned body. Click Down Below For Video; 

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