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left her baby daughter at home and went to Narayani to make Tiktok.

Richa Upreti had gone to Maitigaon Chitwan Khairehani from Jhapa to give birth. After three years of love marriage with novelist Milan Sangraula, she gave birth to a daughter on June 17. After the surgery wound was healed, husband Milan took Richa to his mother-in-law’s house on 23 July.

However, due to the unfortunate incident on 7th August, she was not able to bring Richa back home safely. On that day, around 11:30 AM, Richa left the house after feeding her daughter. When she came out wearing new clothes, she said that she was going to visit her grandparents nearby to make tiktok.

However, without going to her grandparents, she reached the bridge of the Narayani River, 18 kilometers west. On that day, the CPN led by Netra Vikram Chandra Biplav was closed. Perhaps that is why it took him almost three hours to reach Narayanghat. At around 2:30 in the afternoon, after writing some messages, she left her mobile phone on the bridge and jumped to Narayani.

‘Last night I had a video call for half an hour. She was happy with her daughter’, Richa’s husband Milan told Shilapatra, ‘She talked at home even in the morning. The daughter showed her parents. I didn’t even imagine that she was taking such a decision in the afternoon.

Chitwan police deployed a rescue team and searched for Richa who went missing in Barkhe Bhel of Narayani. However, she was not found. The family gave up after trying hard to find it. On Sunday, the 13th day cultural ceremony was held. She left the nanny without telling anyone about her heartache. There was no option to endure the game of destiny”, expressed grief.

Richa and Milan turned their love affair into marriage in February 2076. The relationship between them was loving. Engineer by profession Milan is also known as a novelist. His novels chat Girl and Purple have been published.

Richa was doing her Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism from Kantipur City College (KCC). Richa passed all four semesters with good grades. She was starting her thesis. Such sad news came suddenly’, said Rajeev Timilsina, Head of Journalism Department of KC

How did this happen suddenly? Husband Milan says, ‘Unbeknownst to us, she has post-partum depression. She kept the pain in her heart and did not say anything because her parents and I would worry.C.

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