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first time Paul Shah at the dhangadhi mahotsab | boys vs girls crazy fans

More than 65,000 spectators came to see Paul Shah at the Dhangadhi mahotsab. You can always see less. Thousands of people have gathered in Nepal. Seeing Paul Shah, thousands of people are also clapping and hooting. I will give you all the information about what Paul Shah’s fans will do at the mahotsab. Read this news till the end.

Just watch the video below to see how crazy Paul Shah’s fans are. You can see in the scene that while Paul Shah was giving his hand, some fans refused to let go. Paul had almost fallen down and other friends came over him and pulled him up. After seeing such a craze, Paul Shah was also scared for a while.

After a while, another strange scene was seen, while Paul Shah was performing on the stage, a person climbed on the stage and pretended to be at Paul Shah’s feet and hugged him for a while.

After that, there is a roar of fans climbing on the stage. One after another, fans are taking the initiative to climb on the stage. It was very difficult to control Paul Shah’s fans. Below is a video about this. You can also watch the video.


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