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Asha Khadka and Sagar Gautam these love couple are becoming parents

Asha Khadka and Sagar Gautam of Kanchi serial, these lovey couple are becoming parents, what happened in the end, Kanchi and Bhunti serials are very popular serials of Nepali art sector. It has been 4 years since these two serials came out and after this serial came out in the Nepali film industry. Now than we make other serials we should make sad serials like Kanchi Bhunti, the current production producers got inspiration from Kanchi and Bhunti serials from Asha Khadka, and only seeing the view of Kanchi serials, hundreds of serials are being made in Nepal. Kanchi serial is such a serial which gives this new education to our society through family events and message based stories, while Bhunti serial is a serial made in a fun environment and social stories. In recent times, 60 lakh viewers have watched Kanchi serial in a week. Click Down Below For Video; 

Bhunti serial is also watched by about 50 lakhs in a week. In recent times, these two serials have watched this serial in a short period of time, i.e. in one week, most of the viewers in Nepal have watched this serial. The love of Asha Khadka and Sagar Gautam, who fell in love while playing the serial, is a little different and separate from others. Sagar was the camera man when Asha was playing the serial earlier. It had been a long time since they had started working together, but they did not know each other. Sagar used to speak less and those who worked with them used to tease Asha and Sagar as a couple. One day a person working with Sagar said Sagar sir, Asha loves you very much and Asha said that you are very good. Saying that, Sagar also said, “Am I really good? How many people who don’t look in the mirror then look in the mirror? Click Down Below For Video; 

And Then Sagar starts loving Asha. During the shooting, the camera used to stop shooting while Sagar was shooting and look at Asha’s place. After that, Asha and Sagar’s love started and gradually Sagar and Asha together produced the Kanchi Bhunti serial and started working together. Seeing Sagar and Asha’s love in the serial, the audience wanted that Asha and Sagar should get married in real life, and in the same sequence, Asha and Sagar get married and now Asha and Sagar are very busy in the serial. Asha Khadka and Sagar Gautam of Kanchhi serial are becoming parents? After all, what is reality? Now, on social media, viewers want to know who Asha and Sagar are thinking about the child, but now Asha and Sagar have not disclosed anything about the child, and their serial is now known as Nepal’s No. 1 serial. Click Down Below For Video; 

As soon as there is some update on this matter, we will bring information to you. Thanks for reading i am requesting you please share this post, have a nice day. Also you can follow us for more exciting tips and news. 

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